Thursday, January 24, 2013

This week's Window Shopping

Window Shopping On-line Sales this week!
My self imposed challenge is to find things that are significantly marked down from their original price 
and to find things that would be price wise comparable to something you would buy at Target or mass stores... Don't overlook out of budget retailers because you think you can't afford never know what could be marked down. And OVERSTOCK, baby. My go-to for everything.
Here are 20 {21 if you count me giving you an finish option}of my favorite sale mark downs this week:
Spanish Colonial Drum Table Antique Brass
Restoration Spanish Colonial Drum Side Table in Brass,
 it's a tiny table.

Vintage Belgian Hanging Iron Candle Ring
Restoration Hardware Vintage Belgian Iron Candle Chandelier
Boiled Wool Coat
Boden Boiled Wool Coat
Suzanne Kasler Glass Ornaments - Mixed Set of 24
Suzanne Kassler Ornaments, Ballard Designs$9.00-24.99Just saying that these would be gorgeous on a white Christmas Tree next year.

Well, that's my web window shopping sale round up for the week!
I'd like them all, thank you very much.


  1. Love these! That wreath would go nicely in my shoreline themes sitting room! May have to pick it up for that price. Thanks!

    1. I love that wreath, too. I was inspired to write this whole post and start this series of posts because I saw that wreath and then a day later saw a wreath at Hobby Lobby that was on "sale" for $39 and it looked so cheap. The Restoration Hardware one is gorgeous and is less than the one at HL. My universe was turned upside down. I would have been SO MAD and felt so wronged if I had bought the not so well done HL wreath and missed out on having a special RH wreath that is of excellent quality. So thus, my window shopping exploits have begun. It would be a versatile wreath, you could leave as is or doll it up for holidays. ;)