Monday, January 7, 2013

My take on Season 3: Episode 1...Downton Downstairs

I don't get sucked into too many series on TV but Downton has had me from, "hello" or I guess I should say, it has had me from "Good day".  So last night when the opening music started playing I was a happy Lady.  I won't comment too much about the plot and story line in case some of you haven't seen it yet, but here are some of my set observations and some side bars.

1. Spoiler: I wish they showed more of THE wedding.  Two observations: other than the fact that I loved HER dress and was giddy about this event, I thought it a nod to the '20s era by having HER carry Calla Lilies.  The Calla Lily was the IT flower of the '20s. Most brides wore satin and carried a sleek calla lily bouquet. It is the non-fussy, streamlined option for the roaring '20s bride.

McCall's bridal patterns for 1928
Vintage 1920's Bridal sketches

2.  Didn't you just melt with the crowds waving flags and the white banners (bunting, pennants) blowing in the wind?  Banners have been very popular in the past couple of years, being used in children's rooms, mantles, holiday and parties.  I love them and have started making several for holidays.  There is something simple and lovely about banners.

Rob James-Collier - "Downton Abbey" Films A Wedding Scene

3. As much as I am in awe of the Highclere Castle furnishings UPSTAIRS, I have to say that I'd like to draw attention to the DOWNSTAIRS for a minute.  The servants area downstairs has some features that are part of the English Cottage look, or I would even call it Vintage Style now. I think this is actually a style I am drawn to, although in Downton, it is easy to overlook these elements.  Here are the style characteristics that I love DOWNSTAIRS:
-Antlers on mounts, hanging near the doors and hooks.
-Beadboard Wainscotting
-Exposed shelving
-Ironstone dishes and pitchers
-Yellow ware mixing bowls
-Copper and Pewter (poor man's silver). I'm predicting a huge resurgence in Pewter within the next couple of years, btw.

Downton Abbey Season 3 kitchen staff

Cathedral Gray - I painted my bathroom this color yesterday and I LOVE it! Goes awesome with the white trim and beadboard. Yellow and white paintings and accents.
Dutch Boy's "Cathedral Gray"
beadboard wainscotting
Vintage Mounted Antlers Horns on Wood Hanging Plaque
Mounted Antlers

Yellow ware bowl
Yellow ware

copper pot
Copper Pots
Antique Pewter   ****early pewter tankardpewter
Antique Pewter
Vintage mason jar
Mason Jars

This pic captures the essence of the simple kitchen wares

Can't wait for next Sunday night!!!

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