Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dude Decor: January Edition, More than Log Cabin & Plaid Flannel

American Buffalo // Can't afford this.  Planning to chase them around the Wichitas until I get a similar shot.

Log cabin and plaid flannel.  The epitome of MANLY decor.
But not all of us can have a cabin in VT or a Hemingway safari to send our hubbies on in order to have them feel like they are one with their surroundings.  Whether you have a designated man cave, den or office to devote to masculine style, their are some things that you can incorporate into your existing spaces in order to sort of reel in the femininity of your decor.  Even shabby chic furnishings (which is what I would say is a prime example of feminine decor in all of its white washed and floral glory) can be complemented by an antler or two, for example.

I'll be posting Dude Decor ideas throughout 2013, and thought that I'd start today, by highlighting what I think is the best take on the look. It's a little bit old school men's club, a little bit Hemingway, a dash of well traveled, a hint of displaying  your (his) character, no-fuss, not too decorated decorating.

 My take on masculine decorating is heavily influenced by my dad's library.  When I was growing up, I loved going in to my father's library, an enclosed porch turned sanctuary in my parents 1901 Victorian. My dad built floor to ceiling book shelves on 3 out of 4 walls.   He had a leather desk chair, antique desk, old fashioned standing globe, civil war muskets, chippendale camelback sofa,  framed Revolutionary War era family documents, a record player and of course, his cribbage board.

There is A LOT of Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn leather-chair-masculine looking furniture out there today. I think the key for me to achieving a cool man vibe is to keep it looking collected over time instead of instant room, EVEN IF your style is modern and streamlined. Need visuals to see what I mean?
Here they are!
The Look: Dude Decor

Fulham Leather Daybed | | Restoration Hardware

Dark woods, Clean lines. 

Restoration Hardware - Keyhole Metal Square Bed, Vintage-Washed Jersey Duvet, French Filigree Stool, Atelier Task Accent Lamp, Mercer Round Side Table, Opaque Belgian Linen Drapery

Retro coolness.
For all the Kennedy’s Gentlemen who have a man room (or would like to have one) we thought you would enjoy this article from The Art of Manliness

Well traveled.
Cartography / mapwall

Brooklyn area map.

Engraved Map of East Coast @Jess Graves $40

Interesting and symbolic Art (Nature, architecture, sports, music, history, alma mater,  etc).
 American Buffalo // Can't afford this.  Planning to chase them around the Wichitas until I get a similar shot.

9edf1dbfdc05x403.jpg Babe Ruth as a Red Sox, and a great photo the last resizer red sox photo headlines great photo gainer bosox citrus boston baseball babe babe ruth art alignnone size large 1916 605x403

Target by ~iahveh  Photography / Architecture / Interior


Book collections.
MAPS - links to printable maps and map activities

A FEW special objects, in this case a silver and horn cup.
Antique Sterling Silver Mounted Stag Horn Cup or Beaker 1909 London | eBay

Campaign furniture.

Campaign tripod floor lamp

And a hint of humor...

and character.

iPad Portfolio - Machine Sewn
I was inspired to write this post by my friends Katie and Brett at The Art of Manliness {an EXCELLENT website devoted to the (somewhat) lost art of being a thinking gentleman}, my friends Isaac and Becky Childs who hand craft masculine leather goods ( as well as my husband, who is the manliest man I know, and who has a "war room".
Viva la manly man.

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  1. LOVE the buffalo print. I think I need it for my family room