Friday, January 11, 2013

Downton Fix: Secrets of Highclere Castle

PBS has a great little look at the "Secrets of Highclere Castle".  It is a 54min tour of Highclere and its history, with wonderful interviews from Lord and Lady Carnarvon.  I loved watching this because you not only get a background on the castle's history, see more of the castle and grounds that aren't used in the Downton shots, but you also see so much more of the rooms THAT ARE USED IN THE DOWNTON SHOTS.
Highclere Castle
Click here to go to the PBS instant play video to watch!
So if you're like me and need a Downton fix by the time Friday rolls around...and you still have over 48 hours to go before Sunday night's episode, click on the picture of Highclere (pronounced "high clear") and enjoy! And don't forget to hop over to the sweepstakes section and enter to with the PBS Masterpiece trip to Highclere and London!!! (If you win, you're taking me).

P.S> Make sure you keep dropping by throughout January...I'll be having a monthly give away at some point and it just may involve Downton and or Highclere in some way...hint, hint.

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