Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Downton Decor Club: Season 5, Episode 5 {Call it a Day Before One of Us Gets Hurt}

If you haven't seen Season 5, Episode 5 yet head over here to watch it and then come back and let me know what you think!

Well, many things came to a head last night as far as our beloved characters go...Cora, Tom, Edith. Tom's quote, "Let's call it a day before one of us gets hurt," surely applies to these three characters in their tangled webs...Cora and Mr. Bricker, Tom and Sarah Bunting and Edith and THE DREWES.

Robert, obviously will not be the forgiving sort right away...pride is his main weakness, in my opinion. 

Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 5

Tom calmly and cooly dismissed Miss Bunting...I'm still hanging on to hope that Tom will have a true love story again, finding a woman worthy of him and of Sybil's memory.  Have we really seen the last of Sarah Bunting???

Downton Abbey, series 5, epsiode 5, Branson, Daisy

And Edith. I'm ready to stop saying "Poor Edith" (aren't you?) and would love for her to have a more triumphant story line. Maybe last night's happenings are setting up an entirely brave, new path for the ever depressed, ever lonely and incredibly pale, middle, Crawley daughter. (Side note: I loved, and I mean LOVED Lady Rosamund's getups last night). 


Cora's situation really came crashing down around her (and her exquisite bed-coat). 

It was an uncomfortable scene. Mr. Bricker was smarmy after all. And poor Cora, finally having someone appreciate her but to her detriment. And Robert....ooooof. I thought for a moment that he would either kill Mr. Bricker or that Cora would have been accidentally hurt during the scuffle. But I did have to say "Bravo" to Robert backhanding Bricker. Bricker did rather forcefully relay his opinion of Robert's neglecting Cora and how happy he was to take notice of her. Maybe in time this will actually strengthen Robert's view of his wife. We'll see.
(How amazing was Laura Carmichael as Edith at the door in this scene? She is starting to become my favorite actress on the show, well alright, my second favorite..no one can touch Dockery. I'm not a huge Edith fan, but Laura Carmichael seems to be growing as an actress). 
Now, on to my favorite decor moment of the night: 
Any scene that takes place in Cora's room is a favorite of mine.
This soft and lovely room is a confluence of all things feminine. 

Mr. Bricker has been wooing Cora for the entirety of their time together in London (as well as at Downton), and he doesn't want to miss the opportunity to take things to the next level. So he shows up in Cora's room as she is ready to go to bed, alone. She asks him to leave, but he will not listen. Robert returns from his dinner early, and catches them together.

03.PNG 640×360 pixels

Tufted Wingback Headboard

Festoon Aqua. My pick for Cora's room color. Downton Abbey Club: Season 4, Episode 2
SW "Festoon Aqua"
Antique Gold Mirror

French Bergère
Bergere Chair
One Kings Lane
American Home Rug Co. Grandeur Beige/Teal Needlepoint Aubusson Area Rug
Aubusson Rug
Claire SconceVerdi 3-Light Mirrored Sconce

How sweet was it that Rose literally was coming out of a Confectionery Shop when she met Atticus.
Could he be just the right blend of sugar and spice for Rose? 
Can't wait for next week!

Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 5, Lady Rose

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