Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Bees Knees: L I T T L E . R E T R E A T S

A few weeks ago, I had a lovely time at See Jane's L I T T L E  R E T R E A T S! Jane hosts creative get-togethers at her AMAZING home. This retreat was all about learning basic Calligraphy from Melissa Esplin.

Little Retreats by Jane calligraphy via seejaneblog
That's me, 4th new, struggling Calligrapher, from the left.
viaJane Rhodes, See Jane

The evening started out with warm conversation amongst the guests while soaking up the fabulous Mid-Century / Industrial spendor of Jane's home. I would have done the dishes just to be able to hang out in Jane's stunnning abode. She has mastered the art of decorating according to the style of the architecture and feel of her particular space. (I really am into this same camp of decorating: Change your style according to the style of the home you live in. It creates a much more symbiotic vibe. For example, we had a VERY TRADITIONAL home in Tulsa, where we used to live. My taste honored the Traditional touches by staying Traditional in paint colors and furnishings, allowing for contemporary slashes in art work and accessories. But the overall vibe of the house was in keeping with the architecture of the house. Don't fight it. Work with it). And Jane's house is absolutely incredible, Architecturally. We're talking Architectural Digest and Elle Decor, people. 

Mid-Century / Industrial

So, overall it was an inspiring evening with atmosphere and hospitatlity by Jane, Calligraphy Tutorial by Melissa and incredible food by Kitchen.88 . 
For more of Jane's home, check out See Jane and follow her on Instagram.
She is incredibly cool. 

Here is my recent progress as a student of Calligraphy:
I'm still pretty stiff, but I know that practice upon practice will get me to a place where I will achieve a fun HAND LETTERING Style. I find it therapeutic. Sort of like coloring when you were a kid.


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  1. This looks like such a delightful time! I'm jealous! I tried to tackle the art of calligraphy but it's almost impossible when you're left handed. I might have to give it another go.