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House Guests in the Movies {Oscar Edition Roundup: Volume 2)

It's Oscar Weekend!!!

I thought it would be fun to celebrate by rounding up some of my favorite movie houses for us to tour! This list could easily be 20, 50, 100 houses long...but we'll keep it to my Top 20 where the house is another character, if you will. I'll be sharing 10 Movie houses today here, in Vol. 2.  Yesterday I shared Ten of my favorites here. 

These movies weren't all nominated for the Academy Awards,  some of them I had forgotten about until I started thinking about the actual homes where the movies were filmed. 

This will become a regular Commona My House feature...I'll be sharing movie and television series home tours, including more historical locations, each month!!!

So...Let's go on a home tour!!!
(Just click on each movie title and you'll link to the home tours).

1. Atonement. Stokesay Court, the vast Victorian House and Estate, was the Primary exterior and interior filming site. It's architectural and design details are considered to be of the loveliest in England, with period interior wall papers being copyied and mass produced. The house has a fascinating past...and has been lovingly restored partly due to the opportunity that Atonement brought with it. It has had extensive upgrades since filming. In the vein of what Downton Abbey is to Highclere Castle, the movie Atonement helped to put Stokesay on the map as a 'must see' gem.
This is a MUST READ, chariming article in the NY Times  about the current owners and the "Other Atonement Love Story".

2. Pride & Prejudice. Pemberly comes to life in the form of Chatsworth House, located in Derbyshire, the Estate of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. All exterior shots of Pemberly and grounds were shot at Chatsworth. 

The interiors were shot at Wilton House, Wilton, Wiltshire. 

Filming at Wilton House

For all Pride & Prejudice locations, here is a detailed summary. Wouldn't it be a lovely trip to plan on visiting all of these locations? 

3. Sleepless in Seattle. This Seattle Lake Union house boat just sold for over $ 2 Million this past September. What an amazing place.

HBdining room

4. It's Complicated.   This fabulous Spanish Stucco home in Southern California was the best part of this movie for me. Who didn't want a courtyard after seeing this film? And the eclectic interior brings together Spanish and French Influences. 
Tour the home in the movie, It's Complicated, starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin

The kitchen in the movie, It's Complicated, starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin

The home in the Movie, It's Complicated

There is a fantastic home tour video of what the home really looks like in real life. It's interesting to see how the set designers change things. 

5. Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil. Mercer House, Savannah, GA. There is no doubt about it...the house was a character in this movie, right?

6. Home Alone. Kevin's fabulous Brick Georgian in the Chicago North Shore suburb of Winnetka, IL (I said that with an accent, don'cha' know) has been completely over-hauled and updated by it's new owners. Take this tour to see the before and afters. I'd love to be left alone here.  And for an added bonus tour, visit Old Man Marley's incredible digs. 



7. The Parent Trap 1 and 2!
Brian Keith. Maureen O'Hara....and 2 Hailey Mills.
Man, I loved this movie.
And then Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson...and Lindsay Lohan in what is really her best performance.
Ok, here is a quick round up of this movie, the original version 1 and version 2. 

The Original "Parent Trap" Movie Sets |

The Parent Trap 1998 movie remake filming locations

8. Ferris Bueller's Day Off Cameron's House. OOOOF. I still can't think of that scene without cringing...can you? This Mid-Century Architectural dream with it's canti-levered steel and glass construction, with wood planked ceilings would convert anyone to minimalism. It was for sale recently. Take the tour here. 

For Sale: Cameron's House From Ferris Bueller's Day Off

9. You've Got Mail. Kathleen Kelly's Upper West Side Brownstone is where it's at for me. This reminds me so much of my Allen Lane Philadelphia Brownstone. We learn so much about her character from her apartment, don't we. The actual Brownstone is located at 328 West 89th Street if you're ever around the corner ;)

Meg Ryan's brownstone in You've Got Mail 4

10. North by NorthWest. This is maybe my most favorite movie on the list possibly because of Cary Grant, but also because of this home that is a Modern Icon. The Vandamm House wasn't a real home. Hitchcock had it constructed on set to resemble a Frank Lloyd Wright, Falling Water's type home.   All of the architecture in this film is part of the lure. From the Long Island Estate home, to NYC's clean, crisp, chic and modern U.N. Building to then this excuisite example of mid-century modern architecture.

Do you want to see more? 
Did you miss yesterday's Vol 1?
I'll be sharing Movie and TV Homes every month from now on here at Commona My House. 

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