Friday, February 6, 2015

Year of Change {February's Project}

It's that time again, the first Friday of the month!
Today I'm sharing that February's Year of Change Challenge will be an 

If you're new to Year of Change, head here for all of the fun details for this year-long design challenge.
As usual, I am joined on this journey by my talented friends, 

In January, we tackled huge painting projects that transformed our rooms with a few cans of paint.
Rosa Beltran Design 

Suburban Bitches
Life on Virginia Street
Commona My House

In February, we'll each be addressing organziational ideas, tackling specific areas of our homes that are stumbling blocks to staying organzied. I know that I personally, spend so much time on the decor in my home, but sometimes struggle to keep things thoughtfully organized. I'm excited to turn my pantry and a few other areas of my home from 
Join us on this journey throughout the month and follow each of us on IG, FB and Twitter for behind the scenes happenings as we tackle our dis-organization!

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