Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Downton Decor Club Season 5, Episode 6 {One is the Loneliest Number}

Well, Sunday's Downton was full of fun plot twists, plot resolutions and more intrigue.
There are several things that I loved seeing in the background!
Sybbie and  her baDONKaDONK
Here are my favorite highlights in Downton Decor from Episode 6:

Going to the Races in style. 
Cut Glass Crystal, most likely Waterford.


 Mrs. Patmore's Property Investment! 
Can we have an HGTV Spin-Off?
British Cottage style may have been humble compared to Highclere  Castle standards, but who wouldn't want to retire to a Country Cottage? Even current home trends favor trading 
For more British Cottage Style visit this fabulous Pinterest Board and this wonderful synopsis of English Cottage Style circa 1920-1940

Garden Cottage in Wales

We get a glimpse of Earl Nose-Bent-Out -of-Shape's Dressing Room /Bedroom. I LOVE LOVE LOVED the rich, warm, taupey gray walls with the gold gilded frames. Almost makes the Earl look sexy again. I couldn't find a shot of the scene from this episode where Robert is in his room, but these from a previous episode capture a bit of the color.

I'd recommend one of my favorites that I've used several times before, 
Sherwin Williams Kendall Gray, which actually is a deep, warm brownish gray when used with yellow light.

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal Gray Paint.  Driven By D├ęcor: Finding The Perfect Dark Gray Paint Color
Dear Lillie
BM Kendall Charcoal HC-166  Rich, deep, and luxurious, kendall charcoal pops beautifully when paired with crisp white room accents and trim. A versatile neutral, it also works well with most colour schemes.

Yay, Edith
In taking her child back, she takes back her life. I can't wait to see Edith take over Gregson's Publishing Office and become a Modern Mother, simultaneously. She is on par to be the real heroine of the Downton Series, in my opinion. 

I was touched by nostalgia when I saw little Marigold's Teddy Bear. Bless that Mrs. Drewe.  She gave Marigold what looked to me like a Steiff. THE Teddy Bear of the time.
Steiff {pronounced STIFE}....the quintessential Teddy since the early 1900s. 

Downton Abbey 506

I had a Steiff when I was a child. It was a gift given to me by a generous family friend.  Mine was a small, white mohair and I dubbed him "Fuzzy Wuzzy". Fuzzy Wuzzy went everywhere with me. I think I even took him to college and I didn't realize it was unusual until a friend said to me durimg a study group, "Whoa, you have a Steiff on your shelf".  Fuzzy Wuzzy is now a collectible as are ALL Steiff stuffed animals. The old ones are rare and sought after...but Steiff has a thriving production today in which they have kept with the times and expanded into just about every possible animal that they can...selling on-line, in high end specialty stores and even zoo and museum gift shops...they have an entire collection at the San Diego Zoo that corresponds with the zoo's exotic animals.
If you have a Steiff, by all means, research him. They have risen in value quite a bit over the past 30 years. Originals, even in poor condition are worth considerable amounts of $ if they are from vintage, limited editions. I dare you to not gasp at this sale at Christie's Auction House. It is quite similar to my "Fuzzy Wuzzy" ...the Steiff White Mohair "Zotty" from the 1970's. I'm not a collector of dolls or bears but 
to learn more about the Steiff Collecting Community head here
If you just want a special, unique, high quality, heirloom gift for a very special little someone, Steiff still produces a plethora of stuffed animals. 

Well, Hello, Bob.

Leave it to Lady Mary to be on the Cutting Edge of style...literally. 
And in case you wondered to whom Violet was referring to, Pola Negri is the silent film actress who raised a few eyebrows in her day and is widely credited with popularizing the Bob. 
It was such a wild craze, even Fitzgerald wrote a short story about it with Bernice Bobs Her Hair.
How funny was it that Mary's hair dresser spoke with a French Accent when with Lady Mary, but after she left he made that hysterical comment to his co-worker in a full-on,  coarse British Accent?!!! {Loved that}. 
Mary is emancipating herself in many ways this season.
I like the "do" but I can't say I like Mary's selfish attitude these days. Matthew certainly did round out those hard edges, didn't he? I wonder if she will be taken down a peg at some point?

Quote of the night:
"She wanted to be on her own", Lord Grantham regarding Edith going for a walk.
I'll say she did.

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