Friday, February 20, 2015

Fashion Friday {Oscar Night}

This Sunday is going to be so grea! I'll be flipping back and forth between Downton Abbey and
I'm sort of an Oscar Fashion Freak. I love the classic dresses the most, so much so that I have an Oscar Night Pinboard dedicated to Timeless Oscar Style. (Oh, and some of my picks for what I'd wear if I ever had the priveledge to walk down the red carpet).

I think I'd wear a vintage Halston or Chanel or something timeless... like this:

Caroline Herrera     jaglady
Badgely Mishka

or this:


va-va Valentino! | Bridal Accessories Stay #Wellheeld with Solemates!

or this:
in love with this ellie saab dress.

A girl can dream!

Now, I'm off to make Katherine Hepburn's Brownies!!

Katherine Hepburn's brownie recipe. "Never quit. Be yourself. Don't put too much flour in your brownies". Awesome.


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  1. What a gorgeous array of dresses! I'll be on a plane en route to Savannah on Sunday missing it all. Boo!