Saturday, February 21, 2015

House Guests in the Movies {Oscar Addition Roundup: VOLUME 1}

It's Oscar Weekend!!!

I thought it would be fun to celebrate by rounding up some of my favorite movie houses for us to tour! This list could easily be 20, 50, 100 houses long...but we'll keep it to my Top 20 where the house is another character, if you will. I'll be sharing 10 Movie houses today here, in Vol. 1, and 10 more tomorrow in Vol. 2!!!
These movies weren't all nominated, some of them I had forgotten about until I started thinking about the actual homes where the movies were filmed. 
This will become a regular Commona My House feature...I'll be sharing movie and television series home tours, including more historical locations, each month!!!

So...Let's go on a home tour!!!
(Just click on each movie title and you'll link to the home tours)

1. Father of the Bride The epitome of the American Colonial, located in Alhambra, CA. This home was for sale in 2011, swans not included.

Father of the Bride House Exterio

Father of the Bride Movie House Backyard Scene
Father of the Bride Movie House
Tour the home through the movie scenes

2.The Sound of Music. Taken over by the 3rd Reich (literally Heinrich Himmler) after the Von Trapps escaped Austria, the property now privately owned is a Hotel. There is quite a hefty charge at check out, if you make play clothes out of the curtains. 
Von Trapp house

3.  The Big Chill  The South Carolina Antebellum home comes complete with Spanish Moss and it's own Bayou...seriously, a private peninsula.. Can you even imagine? I need to watch this awesome movie again. Kevin Kline....sigh. 
Antebellum House in the Movie, The Big Chill 2_wm

4. Something's Gotta Give The quintessential East Coast Beach HouseAll exterior shots were filmed on Long Island. The interiors were painstakingly created on a sounds stage in Culver City, CA. That hasn't stopped this interior from being one of the most copied movie interiors ever. It has a Style Category all it's own..with a cult following on Pinterest.
 Beach House in the Movie, Something's Gotta Give

5. StepMom.  I grew up in a Victorian home in Connecticut. It doesn't get any better then the home in Stepmom.  This home really exists in Upper Nyack, NY along the Hudson River. Sigh.
Stepmom house driveway

Stepmom house-staircase

Stepmom staircase in movie

6. Marley & Me This is seriously the coolest house. Located in Pennsylvania's West Chester County, the Federal Stone Exterior adds instant character to every scene. Fantastic Interior shots where you can see that they used most of the home owners antique furnishings throughout the movie.

7. Sabrina. Glen Cove, Long Island. This "Gold Coast" Long Island Mansion is now a hotel and conference center. Can you even IMAGINE a wedding there?

Audrey Hepburn-William Holden-Billy Wilder-Film Locations-Long Island-Untapped Cities-Glen Cove Mansion.mp4 - VLC media player 3122014 11443 PM

8. The Royal Tenenbaums. "Royal Tenenbaum bought the house on Archer Avenue in the winter of his 35th year." The Actual home exists...the interiors, however were shot in NJ and soundstages. 
A Tour of The Royal Tenenbaums, Wes Anderson's Only Film Shot in NYC

9. Under the Tuscan Sun There really is a Bramasole. And you can stay there!
Let's go. Seriously.

10. Steele Magnolias.  M'Lynn's House. Mississippi Charm, Italianate Details. 

Come back tomorrow for Vol. 2!
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