Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Fahey Family {Adoption Journey}

Adopting 1 child won't change the world but for that 1 child the world will change.
I'm excited to introduce you to the Fahey Family today. Sean and I are old friends from our youth when he would visit his Grandparents who were close family friends with my parents in CT. His grandparents were full of love and charity...I have countless stories of their compassion for others and devotion to family, friends and community. 
So it is no surprise to me, that their grandson has grown up to embody those very same attributes.
Sean and Angela have been married for 17 years. They both knew since the beginning that they wanted to grow their family through adoption. After being foster parents and adopting their foster daughter, they decided to pursue International Adoptions. After 12 years, Sean and Angela have four lovely daughters through adoption (ages 13, 12, 9, and 5). Three of their daughters have special needs and Sean and Angela continue to feel the need to add another daughter with special needs to their family. As soon as the family saw Elana’s picture, they knew she would be their new addition!
Please follow their journey to bring Elana home to her  family. Sean's blog, Great Wall, Pandas and McDonalds shares everything about their experiences with Adopting from China. It is a snapshot of the International Adoption journey. His fun travelogue approach, mixed with the phases of the adoption process (including the realities of ups and downs, hurry-ups and waits)  is a unique perspective and a touching one. 
Any support of their fund raising efforts and prayers are greatly appreciated.
You can learn more about The Fahey Family's Adoption Journey though their Reece's Rainbow Site 

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