Friday, March 1, 2013

Freebie Friday:There's an APP for that

Happy Freebie Friday! Today's freebie roundup is...(drumroll)...a list of my favorite FREE APPS!
There are probably a billion apps out there, this is just a list of a few free ones that maybe you haven't heard of that have become my favorites...because I actually use them! Most stores have FREE APPS that are frequently updated with couplons (JOANNS, MICHAELS, PB, etc). But I wanted to share some of my favs that you may not have heard about...
1. Red Stamp Cards. You can customize a card and send it digitally.  This has made sending  'thank you' cards actually possible again for me.
An App Every Mom Should Have! Free custom thank you notes that you can text or email.

2.i Handy Level. Yes, you guessed is a level. On your iphone. Now I can PROVE that my  husband hasn't hung something straight!!! I know his level has something against me!
 iPhone Screenshot 1

3. Yard Sale Mapper. This APP seems to work better in some regions than others. But it has worked for several of my friends and from time to time for me. It takes yardsales data that has been published in ads and on craigslist and pins them for you by location!!! AWESOME!

4. Home Snap. Realtors are buzzing about the amazing accuracy of this APP. Genius.

5.RedLaser. You've probably already heard of and used RedLaser. It works for me sometimes...when I remember to use it. The premise is that you can comparison shop in real time.
6.  Evernote. Life changing. Keep track of everything in every form. I love this APP. One of the only things that comes close to keeping me organized. {I happen to plan/ run my house, kids and blog off of Evernote}.

7. Good Housekeeping: Love this APP! from stains to the latest decor pics from their magazine, Good Housekeeping, as ever, is a practical source.
Free Good Housekeeping app

8. ClutterRescue..Are you a hoarder? Don't want to admit it, do you? There's an APP for that. Seriously, though. When you're ready to tackle the clutter, this APP breaks things down for you in small steps. AWESOME.
Clutter Rescue App
9. Color Smart by Behr: There are a lot of designing and decorating APPS out there. I don't like most of them. But this one I do like. It hasn't gotten great reviews..but if you're thinking about painting a room, give it a try.
10.  MagicPlan: Generate a floor plan before you ask a friend to help you move the bookcases!!! 
11. HGTV TOGO: for when you're stuck at the Dentist, the airport...a kids' band recital...
iPhone Screenshot 2

AND as a fun little tidbit: Crate and Barrel is cool. Like really cool. They have a section on-line where they will give you free codes to use to download some of their favorite game, music and book apps.
appName like much better than WORDS WITH FRIENDS.
Check out CRATE AND BARRELS free APP section here.

SO, do you have any FREE APPS that you can't live without?


  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! To read all about it go here:

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  2. Thanks for the ideas....I've been kind of in a rut with apps lately--I need some new ideas!