Monday, March 4, 2013

House Guests: Corbin Bernsen and Amanda Pays CA home

I think my style is California 1940's ranch home/vintage/industrial.
Because when I saw this feature in Country Living...I thought to myself, "I think I can move in there and not change a thing". Well, maybe one or two things....but I love this grandma's attic, vintage, rustic, industrial, lived in, relaxed yet very stylish look that their home has. It is a comfortable space. 3500 square feet of funky and found.

Tried and true formula

and that takes me back to this area...this little corner.
Here is that fantastic map, with its pop of color...don't you want to rock in that rocker?
Musically and physically. Just saying.

Well, to go back to one of the original purposes of Commona-my House...I hope this gives you and idea of what YOUR OWN STYLE IS...if you love this, I hope you are regularly going to flea markets and thrift shops. If this isn't your style, then stay away from Grandma's attic. Start clearing out those pieces that you somehow just ended up with and keep coming back for more House Guest segments...we're bound to get to what your taste is!!!

P.S. To read more about the article with the Bersens click over to the Country Living.


  1. Yes. I could move in there and not change a thing, too. It's beautiful without trying too hard.

  2. Hi, Gaylene!I'm so glad you stopped in and liked this CA Ranch tour. I think it is fun to see what personalities people have as exhibited in their decor...I take it back, though...I WOULD change one the kitchen pic there is a black lemon painting...I would have liked to see a yellow pop of a yellow lemon...maybe that is too conventional, but yellow on a piece of artwork in that spot would be what I would have changed :) Keep coming back to check on things this week..I'll be having lots of freebies and a give away!

  3. Saw Corbin at the Long Beach Antique Flea Market today. Took a picture of him to share with friends and then Google'd him/flea markets tonight and came across his home in Country Living and now your blog post about it. So neat!