Friday, March 8, 2013

Wanderlust Week: Calendars as Artwork

Calendar artwork= fantastic 'print' wall art.
You know I've said it here before :)

For years, I've been using inexpensive calendars to achieve the look of expensive art prints.  Some sets with original prints can be seriously pricey, especially when you are talking about 6, 9, and 12 piece, framed sets.  But if you hunt for it, you will find fantastic calendar art for an amazing price! The key to keep in mind is the print quality...for instance, Anthropology prints on a non-glossy paper. 

I picked up this calendar on clearance at Anthropology while my kitchen renovation (forced kitchen renovation) was in full force. I paid $11 for 12 prints...SCORE! 
I had some frames that I had picked up on sale at Hobby Lobby for $6 a piece and then never used them where I had intended because of the silver/pewter out came the Hobby Lobby frames. {I wished that they were a little bigger and that I had been able to mat them...however, the space in my kitchen was small so I thought I'd just work with what I had and I knew that it would be a while before I would spring for bigger frames when I had these just sitting around the house}....

They are the PERFECT complement to my kitchen.
If you're into the print look but haven't been able to find what you're looking for in your price range, I'd suggest checking out two things:
2. The BOTANICUS website, which is full of free botanical downloads that you can print and frame. I wrote a post about how to best use BOTANICUS including some examples and  links, back in December.



  1. I like this idea! I love how maps look as art!

    1. Thanks, Selene! Colorful, fun, and I chose to include the Japanese and Italian maps because we've lived there - sort of fun around the dinner table to remember to be more adventurous ;)