Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guest Judge, who me?

I am so beyond thrilled to be the Guest Judge of the Week over at the CSI Project. Create Something Inspiring! I will be judging Spring Mantels this if you have a Spring Mantel already created or if you are inspired by this contest...or looking for inspiration....head over to The CSI Project !!!  I was very flattered to be asked and given such a darling introduction to the CSI readers by Dee of CSI Project.

Yay for Spring Mantels and Creating Something Inspiring!!!


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    1. Thanks, Selene! I can't wait to see what the entries look like! WILL BE A TREAT TO PICK MY FAVS!!! I love CSI is really a great site for crafting ideas and to see how different crafters take the same idea and do it differently to fit their own style. Love it!!! And it's a great way to meet other bloggers/learn about other blogs...cause there are a lot of us, don't you think. CSI is a nice hub. People can submit their entry for the mantel contest tomorrow afternoon and judging ends on Friday! Winners are announced Sat. She does it that way every week and she changes what the theme is every week! So much fun! Check it out!

  2. So exciting Amy!!! Really exciting!!!!! see my exclamation points too:)

    1. HA!!!! it is very exciting. (See how it doesn't seem exciting unless you use an !)?