Tuesday, March 5, 2013

House Guests: Current and Eclectic Chinoiserie Home

What I find interesting about design is that you can have classic elements and yet, they can be interpreted in so many different ways and styles. It is an extension of personal expression or character.

The eclectic Chinoiserie laced home of designer Kathleen DiPaolo's home is a fantastic example of incorporating Chinoiserie elements into your home.  Although some rooms are clearly Asian inspired others have just a nod or hint of classic Chinoiserie influence in form, material or pattern.
AND there is a map room...

{Gray text below each picture is Kathleen's narrative}

This is my living room. I have a vintage bamboo lamps on the right and left. The one on the left was in my living room as a child:-) The other is an Etsy purchase- vintage 60s made in Italy. I wish you could see the gigantic coffee table with my china man in the center. Very cute guy!  The elephant pillows (short lumbars on the sofa) and the yellow tiger pillows were from a trip to Thailand where I visited the Jim Thompson stores and outlets. I collect impressionist paintings and am always searching the consignments stores and Etsy for some finds. I just add them to the walls!  The mantel is a beam from a Wisconsin barn.

This is my gigantic dining room. Haha!! I love the bamboo sea grass wallpaper and my crazy capiz ball I found in a shell store, where it wasn’t for sale:) The China man has come along with me for a long ride. It has been in my office and three homes. The screen on the left actually used to me in my office and then was my headboard in my last house. The dining table and chairs are very, very old.

This is my master. Love my China Seas wallpaper and green pagoda bookcase.

This is the other view of my bedroom. My headboard, skirt and window treatments are also made of fabric I LUGGED back from Thailand after a visit to the Jim Thompson outlet. Sooo funny losing circulation in all my fingers:)

This is my son Christopher’s room. He loves his hanging bed and the hang out space underneath. It needs a new comforter but that is another day!

This is Kathleen's daughter's room. Quite an elegant and grown up space, but with fun colors and timeless elements.  Her daughter's name is Posy, and she must be jumping up and down excited that her room will be on HGTV.

AND here are my favorite rooms in the house:

This is my boys’ bathroom. These are used nautical maps that I bought for nothing and had my wallpaper guy put them up.

Here is my bath. I still have plans, but I had the vanity made and had mirror put in the doors to invite more light in there. Help! Light, please come in and make my bathroom feel larger!! Haha!

The elephant keeps the little Chinese men around the mirror company!!  I got those hand towels in Thailand where I last rode an elephant. Haha:-).  It's my ode to the elephant!

So, what do you think? Not all Chinoiserie is over the top. I think it is interesting to see an entire home united in this style without being theme-y.

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