Tuesday, March 26, 2013

House Guests: Little Jewel Box

We are House Guests in this AMAZING little home that is empty and for sale. But I wanted to sort of strategically share this with you because it gives you the BARE BONES of the home, without being distracted by furnishings.  The choices that these renovators made are EXCELLENT. People want the charming character look, with new clean updates. I'm in love with every decision they made. They have skillfully combined Industrial, Contemporary and Vintage 
and the result = Jewel Box!
Excellent update of front entrance. Contemporary materials,design and color palette give a
fresh look to this already charming home. 
Marble, Stainless and vintage combined. Doesn't that light fixture look familiar?
This is a small space. But keeping the floor varigated and on the lighter side helps this from feeling even smaller and closed in. Notice the fire place tile detail. 

Again, updated, clean lines in cabinets and appliances add to the fresh , clean look.
Nice contrast between cabinet and floor.
Top of the line range and what appears to be a water source for filling pots.

Choice of stainless shelving keeps the kitchen from feeling weighed down with cabinets.
Love the entire wall of subway tile. Streamlined and clean again, keeps this from being uncluttered.
We also have a close up of the faucet- industrial excellence.

This is the pantry door. {I'll be posting more on this trend soon}

Clean lines, timeless materials. Marble. Chrome. Updated double sink.

A shot of vintage inspired bling in the bathroom sconce.

Detail of classic marble tile with chrome faucet and mod sink.

Could have used any old door- but these frosted glass paneled doors keep things light.

They selected classic finishes and infused industrial and more contemporary style choices...i.e. They chose a very classic marble, but they have a modern/contemporary sink style. They selected contemporary cabinets but used classic white subway tile and classic stainless appliances and added a vintage industrial lamp. It is a small home, but their choices would have me bet that any one who walks into this house is seeing themselves living here.
What do you think?


  1. Gorgeous!!! What an adorable and stylish house!! Love it!
    Jamie @ somuchbetterwithage.com

  2. Stunning. You're right, I could see myself living there. I wish I could buy it :)