Friday, March 8, 2013

Wanderlust Week: Freebie Friday Maps

Ever want to tackle a state art project?
Like this:
Connecticut My Roots State Map Art Print

Personalized State Map Art Print Missouri Love. Make something like this and include photos of all the places I've lived
Custom State Map Art Digital File to Print by SummitStShop
Well, if you ever feel like you're in the DIY mood, just go to Just Mommies who have originally put state shapes together for flashcards. 

And, thinking of all of the snowed in kids this weekend, why should moms be the only crafters in the fam?
Check out this cool salt dough Arctic crafting project from Dynamic 2 Moms.  Chances are that you already have all of the ingredients you would need to make an Arctic tundra INSIDE. No shovel required.


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