Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wanderlust House Guest: Cadiz Retreat

Off to Spain we go!
Symmetry, collections, and a simple color palette echoing nature are the highlights of this lovely, peaceful little villa.
This is the home of Fernando FauquiĆ©. He is an architect, antiquarian, designer and landscaper. His summer house is located in Cadiz, Spain and is full of antiques and interesting items he personally chose.

What is striking to me is the peacefulness of Fernando's design choices. I dare you to find a pattern on a fabric. He has painted his ceilings the same color as his walls, creating a warm and seamless look.  And he brings in natural elements in wood tones, tile choice and found objects scattered among his antiquities (the antlers in the kitchen, the grass orbs in the natural basket on the living room ottoman)'d think that these objects would fight each other and wouldn't work...but they do work. He has created a restful space, a museum aesthetic warmed with the palette of Cadiz. Just lovely.
My favorites: the teal urns and his library cubby shelving.
What do you think?

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