Friday, September 26, 2014

An Autumn Welcome Home Tour {Commona My House}

I am so excited to give you an Autumn Welcome!!!
Everyday Enchanting and One Krieger Chick have pulled together a fabulous group of bloggers this week to show you how we add  touches of Autumn to our homes!!! I'm so thrilled to be a part of this very talented group! 
The entire week of tours is linked up by day below!
Some of my friends and favorite bloggers are on the tour this week so be sure to follow the links to see their tours !!!
Thank you so much!

We moved to this home just over a year ago. I've slowly been updating things here and there in order to not only make it feel more like 'us' but also to bring it up to date. 
So, this blogger, right here, doesn't live in a magazine picture perfect home. 
Maybe some of you can relate. 
Do I tackle things as I can? 
You bet. 
Does my home look finished and perfect all the time? 
Absolutely not. 
In fact, I have MAJOR projects that are on going as we speak: My Library Reading Room, which has about 4 more projects to be completed, as well as my kitchen, which has had some recent sheet rock work and will be going through a mini-face lift within the next month (paint+paint+maybe back splash update). We've moved 14 times in 17 years and that may not be our final #. I  work with what I have and adjust to the new layout in stages. 
I add layers of color and texture in the fall, even though I know that another rug would work better in the space, it's the rug I have. I hate my blinds and know that shutters aren't an option, I'll be hoping to change things out for natural, bamboo/rattan blinds within the next couple of months. 
Can anyone relate? 
The good thing about evolving a home is that my taste has evolved over the years and I'm finally aware if my own style direction.  My home is perfectly imperfect. 
Someday I may have the type of little cottage home that I dream about....and have each and every room practically perfect in every way...I'm not giving up on that ...but for now, I work around awkward room layouts and mantles that can't hold everything I'd like them to.
And it's alright by me. 

Because there is fun in the pursuit. 
There's fun in the process and the exercise of decorating to express yourself.
Here's my home tour. 
It's maybe more of a showcase of vignettes...
I hope you have at least one take away that will inspire you to welcome Autumn into your home in ways that bring you comfort and joy! 

Living Room

I need to keep my coffee table sort of kid-proof. Sometimes you'll find a basket for the remotes.
That's how we roll in this non-formal living room.

Love adding warmth, texture and layers at this time of year.
sheepskin, velvet, wool on leather.

Natural Elements and Books are my go-to for fall.
Cat-tail reeds, hay, feathers.

There's something about birch that reminds me of home...

Deeper, richer takes on blue, green and yellow.

Yes, I collect National Geographics...have for years...I should have more by now...

Did I mention I have 4 kids and a dog...and that's not the dog, that's a pillow.

Different wood tones can be too much for some people. Not me. I like the eclectic, collected look. I can't handle MATCHY-MATCHY. Just how I roll.

Can you see me in this picture?
Not so stealth, am I?


One of my favorite Fall snacks: Fruit and Cheese, layer a cracker with a thin slice of sharp cheddar and a thin slice of Honey Crisp Apple. 

Not only do plants come inside for the Winter, I also haul out the candles again.
My favorites are "Original Scent" from Barr Co. and "Gilded Amberleaf" from Illume (that's the cute little gold candle in a few pics). 

That's it this time around.
Thanks for coming over!

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  1. I love your living room and that chalkboard art is amazing! Beautiful home!

  2. Your small details just make your home- it's beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I am loving your whole tour Amy! So much goodness and eye candy!