Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering THAT DAY {What does NEVER FORGET mean?}

SOAPBOX WARNING...I rarely get personal. I rarely blog about anything other than frivolous stuff.  Except for today. And here and here and well, here.
You still may think that I only blog my frivolous thoughts, even after reading this. Don't hold this quasi-seriousness against me...I'll be back later today with my favorite Pinterest Board.

But I wrote this sort of for my kids.
My Teens watch the news and constantly hear of war, violence and Terrorism stemming from the Middle East.  (So much so that it's sort of like THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF to them).  Constant and commonplace can quickly make people complacent.
I don't like complacency very much.

It's still so raw to me; is it raw to you?
I pray we never forget. 

So many people
(some of my friends and my family), you probably know people, too,
who had their lives forever changed on THAT DAY.
THAT DAY seems like yesterday. 
I pray we never forget.

The Domino Effect.
My kids can't remember a time when they didn't hear about Al Qaeda on the news.
And their father deployed twice to Iraq (in just those 2 deployments missing 18 months away from their young lives). 
We were lucky.
I pray we never forget.

My children's generation has grown up in a post September 11th World.
And despite all of the tragedies and trials of and stemming from that attack, I hope that they will look back and learn something positive about our Country and maybe something about the people of New York
and maybe people in general.
That you get back up.
And that you never forget.

But what shouldn't we forget?
     That our country was brought to it's knees?
     That there would be swift retaliation?
     That we weren't as mighty and safe as we thought?
     Well, yes, partly because there are lessons there.

     But I also and most deeply remember that in those moments
     of immense national and personal tragedy,
     there were people who were courageous and compassionate.
     There were  leaders; there were helpers.
     That there is good in mankind.
     And you can be the good.
     That's what I want my kids to never forget.

     That tragedies are inevitable in life.
     That in many other countries there is a lifetime of tragedy,
     regular violence and there is hopelessness.
     There isn't Freedom.
     The world may come down on you in life...
     but you can rise again,
     because you live in a Free Country.
     To never take your Freedom for granted.
     That's what I want my kids to never forget.

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