Thursday, September 4, 2014

DIY: Pinned it and Did it {Woodslice Chalkboard}

The chalkboard trend has been going strong for a few years now.
And I still love chalkboards.
I think black chalkboards are timeless and I especially like the little creative wood slice ones like these below, which I've had pinned for I'd say about a year now. 
How to make a wood slice chalkboard. #halloween #craft
Rustic Wood Chalkboard - 27 Briliant DIY Home Decor Projects That Will Make Your Home Unique
So, last month, I finally decided to make my own.

It was really simple.
A bit coloring inside the lines.
And they'd make a fabulous gift.

Foam Brush
Chalkboard Paint (a little goes a long way)
Wood Slice (I purchased mine at Michaels)

I began painting along the natural line of the grain.
I waited for the first coat to dry completely and then painted a second coat. 
Once dry, season the chalkboard by running the chalk sideways all over the board.

If you want your design to be permanent, spray with one coat of matte/flat poly.
These would be such cute wedding gifts, just add a claw hook/hanger to the back.
I know I'll be changing mine up for each season and love how it turned out.
It's a fun and simple craft, perfect for completing while watching a movie ;)

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