Thursday, September 18, 2014

Style Inspiration {Highland Fling}

Scotland Type Map in Sheer Slate - decorative screen print

Do you read, watch or listen to the news? 
Today Scotland will be voting on its Independence from the United Kingdom. Seriously.
Many of you know that I am a total Anglophile and today I am declaring my love for Scotland, and Scottish Style....even though I think their country should still be a part of the UK (but I'm a NEW Englander, so what do I know?)....There is definitely something distinct about HIGHLAND STYLE. Maybe we all need to start not just grouping Scottish things in with other British looks.

There are a few typical or maybe STEREOTYPICAL elements, that stand the test of time, and that are 
100% Scottish! 
Do they have your vote?

My ode to Scottish Style Accessories, 

Throws add so much visual warmth & coziness to a room all winter long. Don't place them carefully- just throw them casually over the back of a chair or sofa or on a bed for the best "unstudied" effect. Try it- you'll like it!

I love this!!!!   handprinted muted royal blue and ivory union jack by helkatdesign, $62.00

Stag {the hunt}
Stags Head

Fair Isle Knits
Tír Chonnail Wrap/Throw // More stunning genius from Kate Davies

Scottish and West Highland Terriers
vintage Christmas advertisement for Black & White Scotch Whiskey
I could go on...tweed, golf, Shetland Ponies, SHORTBREAD...

Want more Scottish Decor Inspiration?
Medieval, Balmoral Castle, Scotland
2.  Skim through my Downton Decor post about my take-aways from Cousin Shrimpie's Scottish Castle, Duneagle.


Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye! 
What’s meant to happen will happen.

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