Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Breakfast at Tiffany's Party {and a Tiffany & Co. Giveaway, Dahlings}

If you're a regular around here, you know it's no secret that I adore Tiffany & Co.
And old movies.
And well, Audrey Hepburn movies.
I usually make my profile pic on FB this:

...for the entire month of October.

My daughter didn't want to have a 13th birthday party, but instead, she asked if she could have a tiny get together and just hang out. I was relieved that she just wanted to have something small and no fuss. And then, 2 days before the date of the sleepover, she came into my room and said, "Mom, are we going to have anything planned for Friday night? Do you think we could watch Audrey Hepburn movies and do our nails? Can it sort of still be a PARTY?"

UGH. Begrudgingly, I agreed.
And then, I thought, "YOU BET".  Audrey Hepburn movies it is!!!
Because any girl would KILL for an excuse to have an 
And all of a sudden ...well...it started taking shape.
Because when you stop and think about it, 
is pretty easy to pull together, seriously!

I hopped on Pinterest and found that this isn't an original idea.
I've scoured Pinterest in search of the best B@T Party ideas and here are my favorites:
There's this:
Audrey Hepburn Party
Two Prince Bakery/Bird's Party Magazine

and this:
An Audrey Hepburn Invitation and Miss Mustard Seed by Dear Lillie
Dear Lillie
and this:
Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower - TIFFANY & CO
Catch My Party(Party Company which has an entire page of Tiffany Parties).

...and that was enough for me to figure out a mini Tiffany's Soiree for my new 13 year old!

With this theme, you could get as out of control/huge budget/major blow out as you can possibly get.
I kept my budget to $35 for this party of 4 guests and used what I had.
I used SPOTIFY for the music. They have a Breakfast at Tiffany's Station, that is mostly Henry Mancini Music and it added the PERFECT TOUCH to the party. There was spontaneous dancing. 

Here's how it went down.

Simple Sources:

Crowns- $Store
Glasses - $ Store
Lipstick - Walgreen's
Coffee Cups and Lids - Free from local coffee shop :)
Black and White Stripe Straws - Party Supply $2.49
Balloons and Candy - Party Supply
Cupcakes - Sweet Tooth Fairy 
White Pastry Bag (Pastry and Macaroons) - Bake 360 
Martinelli's Cider Mini Bottles - Grocery Store 
Ribbons, Pearl Necklaces, Tiffany Bag, Boxes- My Own

What I'd do differently:
1. If I had more time to look for fabric, I would have had a nicer table cloth, but the $1.99 one from the party supply store worked just fine. Especially if we had actually done nails.

2. I would have made eye masks for party favors.

DIY Holly Golightly Sleep Mask

Check out this tutorial here.

3. I would have made fun print outs of 
Breakfast at Tiffany's Quotes.
Like these I've made for you!!!
{Just right click and save, personal use only, 
thank you very much}. 

and my favorite quote...

So, that's a wrap on this mini- party.

Want to have a little Tiffany & Co. for yourself?

The Birthday Girl didn't want me to share her pics...but I can't resist showing you how we spent the evening...


P.S. Want to know how to tie the perfect Tiffany bow?
I know you do!!!

via Everyday Treats


  1. So awesome! I would love a party like this for my 40th!

  2. Will you come plan my 50th? LOVE!!! ~ Teresa

  3. Such a fun little party!! I want to do this for MY birthday party :D

  4. What an amazing party! You certainly have a gift.

  5. Oh my gosh, Amy! I die over this party and want an excuse to throw my own. Pinning everything!

  6. I love all of the details and I can't believe you kept the budget at $35! When my daughter is a little older I plan on a Breakfast at Tiffany's party and a Marie Antoinette. ;) Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. What a great party. I just love all the lovely details. Awesome giveaway.

  8. I hope this is not a repeat post ~ not quite sure what happened to the original. This is such a wonderful party! I love "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and anything else with Audrey Hepburn. She was just stunning! You have an incredible talent for decor ~ everything looks beautiful!

    I just found your blog and so happy I did. I will be following along and look forward to learning more about you. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a generous giveaway!


  9. Love this party idea!! Everything is so perfect!!

  10. Oh, it's amazing! Details, decorations - it's perfect!

  11. I read your blog and think< I wish I could be Amy for a week. Love how you made that happen and on a limited budget!

  12. You have such a flair for putting together just the right details for a fabulous look! Love it all!